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EGNATIA ODOS A.E. implements a documented Quality Management System to ensure the highest possible quality in both the execution of works and the whole range of company activities. The Quality Management System implemented by the Construction Supervision Units is only a part of the EGNATIA ODOS A.E. Quality Management System. The Construction Contractors implement their own Quality Management Systems in their respective construction sites. In other words, the Egnatia Motorway and the Vertical Axes are being constructed following the guidelines of a pyramid of inter-related and interactive Quality Management Systems in order to guarantee high quality in design and construction.

EGNATIA ODOS A.E. systematically supervises and controls the quality of construction works through the members of its Construction Supervision Units. It monitors the project and supervises its Construction Supervision Units directly through its Regional Services in Ioannina, Grevena, Thessaloniki and Komotini.

The company provides the Construction Contractors with manuals, administrative procedures and guidelines for the realization of the project. The mechanism for the technical supervision of quality control by the company is organised on a state-of-the-art basis.

In case of defects, the company enforces their immediate repair, in accordance with the current contractual requirements.

The Quality Management System of EGNATIA ODOS A.E. complies with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015. EUROCERT S.A. has granted EGNATIA ODOS A.E. a Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity, which is valid until 1/10/2021. During the period 24/09/2015-14/09-2018, the company Quality Management System was certified by SWISS APPROVAL TECHNISCHE BEWERTUNG S.A.. In the previous the period 25/09/2012-24/09/2015, the Quality Management System of the company was certified by TÜV HELLAS A.E., while it was certified for the period 18/05/2001-24/07/2012 by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) Α.Ε.

EGNATIA ODOS A.E. performs audits throughout the Egnatia Odos motorway & Vertical Axes’ construction period.

Numerous and systematic checks and inspections are performed to ensure the observance of the relevant contractual terms, the strict compliance with Regulations, Specifications and pertinent Legislation, in general. Furthermore, laboratory tests are carried out in the Construction Contractors’ laboratories in the presence of Supervision, as well as in the Supervision’s laboratories. Construction inspection and laboratory test results are maintained in a dedicated database.

Construction works, laboratories and concrete/ asphalt concrete manufacturing plants are audited by the competent Quality Management Officers in the Works Units, as well as by the company Quality Management Unit, in order to ensure that Procedures are properly implemented and continuously improved.

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