Air Quality Management

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  5. Air Quality Management

The  air quality management is one of the targets of Egnatia Odos A.E., connected with the  life quality of the inhabitants of adjacent to Egnatia Motorway settlements and also with the policy against global heating (Kyoto Protocol).

Egnatia Odos A.E. sets up a program for the monitoring of the concentration of pollutant gases in certain areas along the axis of the motorway, based on the stipulations of the Joined Ministerial Decisions incorporating the Environmental Provisions.

The air pollutants found are: CO, NO2, SO2, O3, PM10, BTX και Pb. At the same time, each measurement point serves for the monitoring of basic meteorological parameters, such as speed and wind direction, which considerably affect the levels of atmospheric pollution.

Furthermore, most of Egnatia Motorway tunnels are equipped with CO and NO meters, constantly measuring the levels of the specific pollutants, in order to preserve the air quality in the tunnels.

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