Waste Management

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  5. Waste Management

The throwing of waste is prohibited by the Road Traffic Code (K.O.K), articles 12, § 2 and 3. The pollution of the motorway caused by its users can have multiple negative results, such as pollution of the adjacent waters and grounds, creation of an unaesthetic image of the motorway and causing of dangers for drivers and passengers.

The contribution of users in the optimization of the Motorway’s environment and in the reduction of the produced waste volume is determinative.

Egnatia Odos A.E. in order to reinforce environmental knowledge and awareness and to sensitize the users of the motorway indicatively presents the time needed for the disintegration of common waste collected by the company itself.

The company, using special crews gathers any kind of waste from the road surface and the central reserves. The management and the final disposal of waste are based on the Environmental Provisions and the currently existent legislation. The annual cost of cleaning is about 600.000€, which amounts to 5% of the total annual cost of the motorway maintenance.

Moreover, in the company’s offices exists a program for the recycling of paper, glass, plastic, empty batteries, empty toner cartridges of printers, copy machines and fax machines, which is an initiative of the ecologic group, formed especially for this cause.


Cigarette ends: 1 – 12 years
Fruit skins: 2 years
Plastic bags: 10 – 20 years
Aluminum tins: 80 – 100 years
Plastic bottles: Non disintegratable
Glass: Non disintegratable

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