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EGNATIA ODOS AE (ΕΟΑΕ) has the responsibility of the Operation and Maintenance of the following road networks:

·      Α2 – Egnatia Motorway
·      Α25 – Lagadas- Serres- Promachonas Motorway
·      Α29 – Siatista- Krystallopigi Motorway
·      Road network A1 – Axios/Halastra – Evzonoi (A.TH.E)
·      Road network A23 – Komotini – Nymfaia – Gr-Bg Borders
·      Aktio – Preveza Undersea Tunnel

EOAE has the responsibility of the Operation and Maintenance of the road networks, as determined in the Ministerial Decision ΔΝΣγ/οικ/72333/ΦΝ393/8.12.2014 and ΔΟΥ/οικ/1810/19-5-16 as may be amended and as it now stands.

The term Maintenance refers to the “combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item intended to retain it in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function” (Hellenic Organisation of Standardisation (ELOT) ΕΝ 13306).

The term Road Operation refers to a set of actions, activities and procedures required to provide safe and smooth traffic flow to road users (Egnatia Motorway Operation Guidelines – Decision Δ1α/ο/8/60/12.07.2004 MEPPW).

The basic operation and maintenance activities are daily technical inspections, repairs, restorations and improvement works, winter maintenance works, incident management, as well as the operation of Traffic Control Centres and Toll Stations.

All operation and maintenance works on EOAE network are provided by operation and maintenance Contractors, selected after relevant competitions. EOAE oversees the aforementioned Contractors, making sure that they carry out all relevant works and take all actions required to maintain the road network in excellent condition and to ensure its unobstructed and safe operation.

The operation and maintenance services and works are assisted by an integrated road information system (RMMS), for better management and effective control and programming.

Οperation and maintenance road sections of Egnatia Odos (A2) and Vertical Axes are as follows:

1. West Sector

Section A:
• Egnatia Odos (A2): Exit of Igoumenitsa port – Panagia Junction (7B) (Metsovo area)
Under the responsibility of the Regional Office of ΕΟΑΕ: Ioannina

Section B:
• Egnatia Odos (A2): Panagia Junction (7B) (Metsovo area) – Kleidi Junction (17)
• Vertical Axis (A29) “Siatista – Kastoria – Kristallopigi” :
West Siatista Junction (9Β) – Kristallopigi Border Station (Kristallopigi Cyclic Junction)
Under the responsibility of the Regional Office of ΕΟΑΕ: Grevena

Contractor: “AKTOR SA”

2. East Sector

Section A:
• Egnatia Odos (A2): Kleidi Junction (17) – Ag. Andreas (Kavala) Junction (29) and sections:
A. “Kalohori (K1) Junction (21) – West Entrance of Thessaloniki (Dafni Street)”
B. “Efkarpia (K4) Junction (23) – Papageorgiou (K5) Junction ”
• Vertical Axis (A1) “Axios / Halastra – Idomeni (Evzoni)”
– Axios/Halastra (19) Junction – Idomeni Junction
• Vertical Axis (25) “Lagadas – Serres – Promahonas”, constructed motorway sections:
– Lagadas Junction (24) – K. Hristos Junction (9)
– Kamaroto Junction (13) – Promahonas Boarder Station (Junction, before Promahonas Border Station)

Under the responsibility of the Regional Offices of ΕΟΑΕ: Thessaloniki (& Grevena, for Ver. Axis A25)

Section B:
• Egnatia Odos (A2): Ag. Andreas (Kavala) Junction (29) – Kipoi Customs (Evros)
• Vertical Axis (A23) “Komotini – Nymphea – Greek-Bulgarian Borders”:
Komotini (01) Junction – Greek-Bulgarian border

Under the responsibility of the Regional Office of ΕΟΑΕ: Komotini

Contractor: “AKTOR SA”

Regarding Aktio – Preveza Undersea Tunnel:
Under the responsibility of the Regional Office of ΕΟΑΕ: Ioannina
Contractor: “AKTOR SA”

In order to improve the provided services motorway users are welcomed to notify any road defects through the Defects Notification web application. To enter the application please select click here

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