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Directions for weather

Thessaloniki, December 4th 2019

“Egnatia Odos SA” Always in the forefront of its actions, traffic safety throughout the road network, and in particular the motorways under its responsibility, welcomes the 2019-2020 winter season and reminds drivers of the basic rules for safe driving during the winter:

Before traveling, drivers must:

– Be informed about the weather forecast and any traffic restrictions on their route.
– Perform the necessary technical checks on their vehicle (fuel, brakes, tires, cleaners, antifreeze, battery, etc.).
– Have reflective vests for all passengers.
– Have anti-skid chains and be aware of their use.
– If possible, carry out their movements after attenuation of any severe weather.

During the journey you should:

– In extreme weather conditions, be very careful, maintain increased distances from the vehicles in front and adjust their vehicle speed to the prevailing conditions.
– Have their vehicle’s ‘dipped-beam’ (dipped-beam headlamps) on.
– Do not stop on traffic lanes or in tunnels for sliding.
– If the vehicle is required to stop for emergencies, it should only be on the right Emergency lane (LEA).
– Observe and follow the indications of fixed and electronic signage.
– Observe the instructions of the Traffic and Road Operations and Maintenance Staff.
– During snow removal operations, the snow removal machinery should not overtake, even if the traffic is slow.

Drivers of trucks are particularly requested to pay particular attention to the markings and instructions of the competent Traffic Authorities for possible truck bans during snowfalls or high winds.

Drivers driving on the Egnatia Road and the Vertical Axles can contact the emergency telephone number at 1077.

From the Public Relations & Reception Bureau


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