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Pilot project on the use of energy-efficient luminaires with new technology LED lamps.

Part of the efforts made by “EGNATIA ODOS AE” to reduce power consumption along the Egnatia Motorway and, therefore, reduce its operating expenses is to investigate, initially as a pilot project, the use of energy-efficient luminaires with new technology LED lamps.

To this purpose and taking into account the complex engineering and cost aspects of this enterprise, “EGNATIA ODOS AE” will determine a number of selected test fields along the Egnatia Motorway (e.g. tunnels, open motorway sections, underpasses, toll stations, etc) where various companies/suppliers that will express their interest will implement small-scale and limited-time pilot projects, in order to compare and analyze, in terms of engineering and cost implications, the use of conventional luminaires with high pressure discharge lamps (HPS) and luminaires with LED lamps.

Indicatively, the pilot test fields with similar features that will be used for small-scale interventions (e.g. number of luminaires to be replaced, etc) will be the following:


Proposed sites

for pilot implementation


or panel


Number of luminaires



West Komotini IC


Bospos River Bridge

Π219 (Π6) 1, 2 & 3 (road lighting) 12+12 (bilaterally)
Mainline Π215 (Π3) 2 & 4 (road lighting) 14+14 (bilaterally)


Kastro Tunnel

Right tunnel bore Π-U 1.1 & 1.2 18 (night lighting)
Entrance and exit approaches at the right tunnel bore Π-Α-2



2.7 (entrance lighting)

3.1 (exit lighting)

9 (unilaterally)


10 (unilaterally)


Vrasna Tunnel

Right tunnel bore Π.ΔΚ/U Ν.1 15 (night lighting)
Entrance and exit approaches at the right tunnel bore Π.ΔΚ/Ε 5  (entrance lighting)

6  (exit lighting)

8 (unilaterally)


8 (unilaterally)


Kouloura IC Π1-1 & Π1-2


2  (road lighting)


11 (unilaterally)



Niseli IC Π2-1 & Π2-3


Π2-2 & Π2-4

2  (road lighting)


2  (road lighting)

13 (unilaterally)


16 (unilaterally)


Alexandroupolis IC Π240 ή



2 (road lighting) ή


2 (road lighting)

18 (unilaterally)


19 (unilaterally)

Participation terms :

1.     Each company/supplier may express their interest for a maximum of 2 test fields. The fields shall be available to the interested parties on the basis of the chronological order in which the relevant requests were submitted and following approval of the companies/suppliers technical documentation.

2.     Each Supplier shall submit full technical documentation comprising the technical features of the luminaires to be installed and a lighting design for the test field in question. This shall form the basis on which “EGNATIA ODOS AE”shall either approve or reject the relevant request.

3.     For each test field, the costs for the removal of the existing luminaires, the procurement and installation of the new ones, their removal and re-installation of the original ones upon the termination of the tests shall be borne by the interested company/supplier. “EGNATIA ODOS AE” shall proceed to the procurement of the newly installed luminaires provided that the test field results indicate that the technical requirements are fully met and the time period required for the depreciation of the investment is deemed cost-effective. “EGNATIA ODOS AE” shall cooperate with the Operation & Maintenance Contractors in ensuring that the necessary signage and traffic regulations are in place during the performance of the relevant works.

4.     The test fields’ availability time for the expression of interest is set at 4 monthsfrom the publication of this Press Release.

5.     The trial operation time for each field is set at 2 monthsfrom the approval of the Supplier’s request by “EGNATIA ODOS AE”, in which time all removal, installation and restoration works shall also be performed.

6.     The operation of pilot lighting shall be monitored by “EGNATIA ODOS AE” with the use of its own resources, in order to perform all necessary energy and lighting engineering measurements on the test fields. Each Supplier, though, using their own resources, may at the same time perform their own independent measurements on the respective test fields.

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