Liability Disclaimer

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  3. Liability Disclaimer

Outgoing e-mail messages from EGNATIA ODOS S.A., are addressed to specific recipients only. If you are not one of the intended recipients of such a message, do not copy, forward, use or disclose its contents to third parties; instead, return the message directly to the sender and delete it from your system.

Although EGNATIA ODOS S.A. has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that the outgoing e-mails and any attachments hereto have been checked for viruses or other malware, EGNATIA ODOS S.A. cannot guarantee that these messages are entirely safe. Consequently, the company shall not bear the responsibility or liability for any damage incurred by malware transferred via these messages. We, therefore, advise you to perform your own virus and malware checks before opening any attached file.

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