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The diverse terrain crossed by the Egnatia Motorway together with the special environmental conditions encountered imposed the construction of a large number of bridges with a combined length of 42 km (measured as single carriageway). This means that 6% of the road axis length runs over bridges, the construction cost of which corresponds to X% of the total motorway construction cost.

These structures are twin split carriageway bridges, in accordance with the practice followed in the construction of German highways.

The construction of such as variety of bridges demands the application of every possible modern construction method currently in use.

The longest Egnatia Motorway bridges

Γέφυρα Κρυσταλοπηγής
Kristalopigi Bridge
Length of right carriageway: 850m.
Length of left carriageway: 640m
Number of spans: 10+10
(left and right carriageway)
Maximum pier height: 30m
Construction method: Launched shoring

Γέφυρα Μεγαλορέματος
Megalorema Bridge
Length of right carriageway: 484m
Length of left carriageway: 473m
Number of spans: 11+11
(left and right carriageway)
Maximum pier height: 32m
Construction method: Gradual launching

Γέφυρα Αράχθου
Arachthos Bridge
Length of right carriageway: 1036m
Length of left carriageway:  1036m
Number of spans:   8+8
(left and right carriageway)
Maximum span length:  142m
Maximum pier height:  30m
Construction method:  Cantilever

Γέφυρα Γ 2 (Καστανιά Κοζάνης)
Kastania Bridge (Kozani)
Length of right carriageway: 456m
Length of left carriageway:  456m
Number of spans:   5
Maximum span length:  107m
Maximum pier height:  94m
Construction method:  Cantilever

Γέφυρα Βοτονοσίου
Votonosi Bridge
Length of right carriageway: 477.20m
Length of left carriageway:  490.5m
Number of spans:   3+3
(left and right carriageway)
Maximum span length:  230m
Maximum pier height:  53.30m
Construction method:  Balanced cantilever

Γέφυρα Μετσοβίτικου ποταμού
Metsovitikos River Bridge
Length of right carriageway: 536.99m
Length of left carriageway:  537.65m
Number of spans:   4+4
(left and right carriageway)
Maximum span length:  235m
Maximum pier height:  110m
Construction method:  Cantilever

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