Procedures for Financing and Loans

As a project co-financed by the E.U. and other financial organizations (EIB, EBRD etc), “EGNATIA ODOS S.A.” has acquired significant experience regarding contacts with relevant bodies and services. So today the specialized executives of the company can provide their services and assist, mainly national bodies or any other superior authority, in the following:

·        Support regarding securing of financing by the Structural Funds of the E.U. (ERDF, Cohesion Fund etc) or other financial organizations:

–        Consulting services regarding applications for co-financing.

–        Technical services regarding support in the drawing up of cost – benefit and economical analysis.


·        Know-how on issues regarding monitoring and information to the financial organizations about projects financed by the EU:

–        Know – how regarding software for the monitoring of payments.

–        Technical support regarding the monitoring of physical progress on a three months or six months basis.


·        Support in the investigation for financing sources for big projects (e.g. by the EIB):

–        Preparation of files for the submission of applications for funding.

–        Monitoring of the deposit of loans installments.


·        Consultancy services regarding community provisions and rules of procedure of the Structural Funds:

–        Basic Regulations of the European Structural Funds

–        Circulars on the management, monitoring and reviews.

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