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The Vertical Axis “Kozani- Florina- Niki” (axis 50) is part of Pan-European Corridor X, has a length of approximately 78,5km and is foreseen to connect the Egnatia Motorway at Kozani IC with the Border Station of Niki on the borderline with North Macedonia.  Partial sections of axis 50 have already been constructed or are under construction, within the framework of previous or current contracts.

EGNATIA ODOS A.E. has undertaken the responsibility for the construction of the section Florina-Niki (50.3), 14.5 km long.  The tender budget of the section amounted to 79.95 M€ (inclusive of VAT).  The construction contract was concluded on 29.12.2011.

The project involves the construction of a central arterial road, a 17-meter cross section four-lane highway, with a central reserve and two traffic lanes per directionthe construction of two Interchanges (Florina IC, ch 0+684,36, Kato Klines- Ano Kalliniki IC, ch 7+506,70) and one intersection (Niki intersection, ch 14+527,28), the construction of a side roads’ network, as well as the restoration of the local roads’ network and has been incorporated into the Operational Programme- Improvement of Accessibility  2007 – 2013.

VA Florina - Niki
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