Management and Administration of Projects

For “EGNATIA ODOS SA” the key to the successful completion of the project are speed and flexibility in decision-making, as well as rapid reaction to site problems.

Project management is carried out based on a total of systems measuring and recording project status, as well as a strategy of detailed analysis, to ensure continuous improvement of the project.

The company encourages a high level of Active Project & Construction Management, held by accurate and detailed information regarding:

·        Project management in order to support efficiently any Contracting Authority in contract monitoring, in management of the interfaces among the contract parties and in managing the employer’s consents (permits, licenses, diversion of utilities, expropriation etc.

·        Design Management/Constructability because a conceptual assessment of the design must be done with the full understanding of design and construction methods.

·        Financial Management, in order to maintain control of forecasts and outturn costs of the Project.

·        Risk Analysis, as no construction project is risk free. Risk can be transferred, reduced or accepted, but it cannot be ignored.

·        Environmental Management, as numerous sensitive environmental issues are associated with road construction.

·        Health and Safety management. “EGNATIA ODOS SA” has developed and implemented an efficient health & safety management system to promote health and safety issues during the design, construction and operation of the project.

·        Quality management. “EGNATIA ODOS SA” has adopted a Quality Policy (Appendix IV) to ensure quality in the execution of works and consider the project as a whole.

·        Liaison with statutory authorities.

·        Training & Innovation.

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