Pavement Designs

Highway and Hydraulics Design

During the last 10 years, EGNATIA ODOS SA has elaborated highway designs for more than 1000 km of the most adverse terrain of Northern Greece, while the different alternative solutions required a thorough investigation. In the course of the preparation of designs for the Main Axis of a length of 680 km and Vertical Axes of a length of 300 km, the Design Directorate of the Company has also elaborated designs for more than 2.000 km of national and local roads network.

In the last three years, through contracts assigned abroad, EGNATIA ODOS SA has elaborated highway feasibility studies for projects in Serbia, a highways design and feasibility study for North Macedonia, as well as designs for the restoration of part of the National Roads Network in Rumania.

The services provided cover the full scope of design preparation, that is to say feasibility designs, preliminary, prestudies and final designs as follows:

  • Highway Design
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Road Design
  • Highway and Road Rehabilitation
  • Road Safety
  • Signage and signaling
  • Highway Interchanges
  • Freeway Interchanges and Interchanges within Town (or Municipality) limits
  • At grade junctions
  • Toll Station Studies
  • Design of Rest Areas
  • Designs of Parking Areas
  • Pavement design
  • Traffic diversion schemes during construction

Some projects indicatively:

  • Highways prestudy for the new alignment of trans- European axis Χ at section Demir Kapija – Udovo – Smokvica. (NORTH MACEDONIA).
  • Highways Prestudy for the reconstruction of section Baia Mare – Iacobeni (ROMANIA).
  • Highways Prestudy for the reconstruction of section Iasi – Crasna (ROMANIA).
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