Environmental Designs

The Environment Unit of “EGNATIA ODOS S.A.” performs the following functions:

1.     Acts as a technical specialist for the preparation strategy of the project on environmental issues.

2.     Provides coordination and technical support to national counterpart environmental team.

3.     Prepares and assists in the development of Environmental Impact Assessment study for the project, according to current European environmental legislation.

4.     Coordinates activities and shares information with the counterpart staff involved in the ΕΙΑ study.

5.     Develops reports and strategies for the approval procedure of the EIA study.

6.     Prepares the procedures for the application of environmental management techniques in the area of environmental impact assessment and pollution control.

7.     Provides training, mentoring and supervision to national counterpart staff and other relevant stakeholders.

8.     Provides technical advice and information on best practice to national counterpart staff during the planning, development and implementation of all EIA activities, which shall include developing and implementing an EIA strategy, workplan and associated activities.

9.     Works collaboratively with the European Commission and other stakeholders involved in the environment sector to ensure a coordinated approach, including government Ministries, and NGOs, in order to coordinate efforts and share information for the area of responsibility.


Qualifications and experience

–       Involvement in the development of environmental strategies, EIA studies preparation and management, implementation of environmental terms and obligations for the 670km-project of Egnatia Odos Highway in Northern Greece.

–       Preparation of procedures for environmental management follow up.

–       Knowledge of relevant European and Greek environmental law.

–       Experience in preparing strategies, coordinating, preparing and supporting EIA studies and supervision of implementing environmental terms.

–       Experience in collaboration and assisting national environmental authorities for the benefit of the project.

–       Experience in working on finding best practices between stakeholders and conflict parties concerning environmental issues.

–       Knowledge of environmental management tools, as well as structures and policies of Greek environmental authorities

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