Static Designs

Structures Section

The diverse terrain of the areas crossed by the motorway offered an excellent opportunity for the implementation of technologically advanced construction solutions. This resulted in the accumulation of significant know-how as far as the design and construction of major and technologically demanding bridges is concerned.

Indicatively, the following bridge construction methods have been applied along the motorway:

  • Cantilevering
  • Launched shoring
  • Launching
  • Precast beams
  •  Composite bridge decks

The Structures Section of EOAE is staffed with specialist engineers having several years experience in reviewing and conducting designs for major structures within the context of infrastructure projects. These engineers can provide their services in the following areas:

  • Review of final designs for major structures:
  • Review of design compliance with the current Regulations and Specifications
  • Review and confirmation of the structural system proposed by the designer, comments on the selected simulation model
  • Confirmation of the dimensioning, section forces and displacements in the structural design with the aid of calculations performed by independent checkers
  • Detailed review of the Project’s construction drawings.

Preparation of Technical Specifications to be used in the Tendering of structures.

Preparation of Guidelines for conducting Highways projects Designs.

Site inspection reports on existing constructions.

  • Evaluation
  • Check of structural and functional adequacy
  • Proposals on repair / strengthening / restoration measures
  • Feasibility studies for all alternative solutions

Conducting designs (preliminary designs, pre-studies, final designs) for Motorway structures:

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels (Final lining and Cut&Cover structures)
  • Under-bridges
  • Retaining walls
  • Culverts, etc

Conducting Building designs (preliminary designs, pre-studies, final designs)

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